GSR Vodokanal

Close corporation “GSR Vodokanal”

Registered by the decision of Saint-Petersburg’s Inter-district Inspection of the Federal Tax Service

№ 1077847127820 on the 13-th of March, 2007

Main State registration number: 1077847127820

Individual number of taxpayer: 7817309159

Close corporation “GSR Vodokanal” carries out operations in water supply and dehydration service for Customers, which are placed in Kolpino industrial site, and also circulating water supply service for industrial plants (iron industry) with reduced service water derived of runoff industrial storm water from central treatment facilities.

Depend on functional purpose service water could be used as:

·        A heat carrier for cooling the technological product through the wall without contiguity or for parts and aggregates defense from destruction (burn-out), or for product’s condensation.

·        A medium, which absorb and transfer mechanical and solute waste.

The central treatment facilities workflow of the Close corporation “GSR Vodokanal” provides the indispensable service water turnover with recoup water losses by using purified surface industrial storm drains.

Technical water supply systems, which are used for industrial enterprises needs divide into:

1.      Once-through water supply systems, which propose to use disposable water with further polluted sewage treatment before dumping into a municipal sewerage or a surface basin.

2.      Circulating systems, where the water is using after reduction (regeneration) in one or in several processes.

Service water system, which is using in the process of Close corporation “GSR Vodokanal” central treatment facilities, is reused.

During the exploitation of technological systems, reused water becomes polluted by specific manufacturing products (oil products, mechanical admixtures and weighed matters). During the circulating process there is a mineralization and corrosiveness growth, concentrating chemical and increasing microbiologic pollution. Service water (which is using in circulating system of central treatment facilities) is heating in heat-exchange apparatuses, cooling in basin-coolers and cleans; after that the water is going to circulating system again by circulating pump. The efficiency of central treatment facilities is 94 000 m³/24 hours.

The drainage system consists of pump over stations for pumping fecal sewer from users to South-West Vodokanal of the State unitary enterprise “Saint-Petersburg’s Vodokanal”. The efficiency is 3 700 m³/24 hours.

Temporal methodic instructions for economical substantiation of prices (rate) for water supply and dehydration (sewerage  system) services, approved by the Decree of Regional energy commission of the Saint-Petersburg’s government № 46-p on the 29-th of July, 2005, fixed concepts:

·        “Water supply” – the workflow, ensuring the intake, transportation and transfer of water to users.

·        “Water-borne wastes” (liquid runoff) – water, which generated as a result of human’s activity (everyday waste water) and of users activity after using water from all water supply sources (drinking water supply, service and hot water, and steam from heat suppliers), and also surface, washing and drainage water, which are submitted to sewerage system of water supply and sewer organization.

Water supply for users is carrying out from the water intake of the South-West Vodokanal of the State unitary enterprise “Saint-Petersburg’s Vodokanal” branch by pipes from the river Neva. Approximate daily needs of quality drinking water are 16 680 m³/24 hours, of unfiltered water from the river Neva – 11 000 m³/24 hours.

The spread of drinking water supply network is 36 279 m, drainage system – 154 085 m, service pipeline – 65 201 m, pipeline of unfiltered water from the river Neva25 847 m.